Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Halo | First Blood


The first blood has spilled. No! I have no other meaning to it. Yes. It was me dumbly bang my car to a someone's house gate. No. The gate didn't tumble and fall. Yes. I'm OK *thank you*

So, I have to live with it even when my heart ache when I look at the scratches. One say "just spray it. cost bout RM300+" and one say "no need. just leave it first. accumulate more scratches before spraying it" Argh! The agony!

Sigh! I'm a new driver. I'm happy that I didn't knock on anyone's car. *touch wood!*

Sooooo..... Do you dare to come with me on a ride?

1 comment:

Gnet2Bu2 said...

hahaha...oops :p

no need fix it la...