Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Halo | 11 hours o_O

Finally! At the last weekend before CNY. Got a chance to hit the malls! And this is how I spent 11 hours * yes, I repeat 11 HOURS!* at 1 Utama. Look at the carpark! Guess what time I reached here.

Woken up on an early Saturday morning with "semangat berkobar-kobar" for shopping. But instead, I went for 2 movies within the first 5 hours. And since I'm already talking about movies. Here you go. . .

Remember last year's RED CLIFF? The big war that was to happened? This is the continuation. *DUH* Well, what can I say. You can't expect too much from a sequel. Yeah! The war was great with all the strategies and tricks. But I feel that the first one is better. *Uh! Uh! There won't be any Red Cliff 3 (just to let you know)*

The war was of coz won by the good guys. The hero won the war and got back the girl *ahem, ahem, I'm talking about Tony Leung* And Takeshi is as charming as ever *ahhhhh.....* You can head on to the cinema to watch this ~ to have a closure of the first part.


I highly recommend this over Bedtime Stories. I haven't seen Bedtime Stories but I heard it wasn't that good.

Inkheart is actually a fiction by Cornelia Funke. Talks about silvertongue people who can read stories right out from the book! Awesome! *Imagine that you can read a whole pile of never ending gold pot! (sorry, I'm a bit money-minded)* OK. Silvertongue doesn't mean that their tongue is silver in color. Hahaha! It's a gift, some might say.

But there's consequences reading out loud the story. Something will come out from the book and something will be sucked into the book. That, a silvertongue can't control. It's a bit of fairy tale movie. But hey! I love fairy tales! So, I wouldn't mind. Would you?

So, the next 6 hours was spent for a bit food, a bit window shopping, a bit mani and pedi and a bit of . . . *I really don't know what* Time just flies! But luckily I managed to secure 1 top from a place called Kitschen. It's a nice place with affordable price. Go see see!

Thank god! For CNY, I got 3 new tops. Just to sync with the "new things for CNY"


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