Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wassup | Two Become One


It was a grand wedding, indeed. Loved the decor of white and gold. Luckily I did wear white and gold as everyone was dressed in those colors. The bride's maid wore white and gold sari while the groom's maid wore white and gold sam fu. A well mixture of Chinese and Indian culture.

The newly-weds

The entrance was fab! It was just like those western movies. I nearly shed a tear during their wedding vows ~ b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. There was the flower bouquet throwing too. Well, I didn't get it. Is that a sign? Hmmm... San San caught it ~ she's getting married next year! Oh yea! Pei Xia is getting married too, next January. I didn't snap as much pix as I used to. First, there was professional photographers around. Second, I was enjoying the ceremony. So, I ended up snapping pix of my school mates. Long time no see. . .

I wish you both all the best. Hope to see little Ling Ling and little Vinod running around soon.

More pix here: (from the professional lah)

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