Monday, August 4, 2008

Silver Screen | The Mummy : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

The mummies arises again. This time in China and that is why Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh comes in. Together with Isabella Leong and Anthony Wong. Once again, Brendan Fraser as Rick but his wife, Evie has changed from Rachel Weisz to Maria Bello. I feel Rachel Weisz will do a better job for Evie. Rick's son ~ Alex (Luke Ford) has grown up to become a college drop-out archaeologist.

Jet Li ~ The Dragon Emperor

Michelle Yeoh ~ Zi Yuan the Sorceress

The story goes by the Rick and Evie is retired and having a quite life at their mansion. Which was not what they wanted. Adventure is what they crave for. So, they were delighted that they were called for duty ~ sending an artifact back to China where they bumped into Alex with his discovery of the Dragon Emperor. Well, I'm not a story teller here. Go watch it for yourself.

I tried The Garden's GSC Signature. It was really nice, the seats are all couple seats. You should try it. But do choose a worth watching movie. The Mummy, can lah.

Well, having the Signature in the name ~ for sure you'll need to pay more. Thus, CHOOSE a worthy movie. The price is RM20 per ticket!

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