Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food | Bibichik

Care for some Nyonya food? We found this cozy place at SS2 called BiBiChik. But please be informed that you'll be the youngest customer *that is if you're born after the 80's* Not that I'm saying BiBiChik is for old people :)

In some way, most of the customers here are old folks. Not the Ah Beng or Ah Lian. These are those English educated uncles and aunties. There seem to be something at this restaurant are pulling them in.

After stepping in, ohhhhh.... there's live music brought to you by Roy Chew! And let me tell you... he's talented! He sings beautifully and plays the guitar with full enthusiasm! I can see that he love his job here. Anyway, he sings the oldies songs effortlessly! And the customer loves it! Now you see what I mean?

But most of all, the restaurant brings me back to Melaka! Yes, it does. *And let me remind you again - I'm not from Melaka!* The food here is reasonably priced and tasted home good cooking! You must try the Honey Sotong & Tom Yam Soup! There is a chicken dish called "Seoh" is very unique. You should go for it as well!

I did went there for the 2nd time! Maybe you want to try? Hope you love the food and the music :)

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