Sunday, February 22, 2009

Halo | 5 hours dinner

People might say that we're crazy. People might say that we're high. But for sure we're hungry. Friday ~ I finished work early and thought of having a nice dinner with him. So, finally he came and started asking what to eat. Erm...

Then we started to drive, drive, drive and where did we end up? MELAKA! o_O Yeap. You read it correctly. We reached there around 10pm. Met up with my brother and family for ikan bakar dinner at Sg Duyung. Ohhh! We've surprised them big time :)

I wish I could stay longer with my nephew and niece but we need to head back to KL. Wouldn't want our parents to worry sick. It was a fun journey ~ talked, laughed, saw 2 turtle-turned cars. And of course EAT! I wish I could snap more photos but was real tired and wanted to eat everything. Hehe. Here's the only photo that I managed to snap *while waiting for my fish, clams, squid, etc. to come*

Reached home around 1.30am! Oh. And I didn't went to bed. Just can't resist Edward Cullen. Managed to finish 1 chapter before zzzzzz......

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