Monday, May 10, 2010

Halo | Stupidity

And I was thinking that something has changed. But something really don't ever change ~ ever. Got this notification letter saying that my passport will be dead soon, asking me to renew it. And it was kind enough to tell me which office was open on weekends. WOW! Canggih, rite?

So, confidently I went to the Damansara office on Saturday. Weird... no one was queuing up at the numbering counter. Then the security guard told me "NOMBOR SUDAH HABIS!" OK, fine. Then I was told by friends that I can do it via kiosk. Ada harapan lagi =) NOT! It seems that the kiosk is OFF on weekends! Hahahahaha! What a joke!

Anyway, Sunday I went back as early 6.40am. And look at the queue! This was before the doors opens!

Finally the hell doors opens! Before 8am ~ good sign! That was what I thought. It was just the beginning of my very long morning. I queued for another hour to get my number. Which was 146. It was the fourth last number. You see ~ the office only operates till 1pm on Sunday. And the quota for the day is 150. I was damn lucky lor!

Went to a long breakfast. After an hour, the number was only at 1060. OMG! Long story cut short, I complete the whole thing by 12.30pm! And the collection was tomorrow. Was supposed to be 2 hours after. But I was kinda the last ones, knowing them ~ they won't rush for you.

Initially I wanted to renew for 2 years ~ RM100. But I don't want to do this again in 1 1/2 years time. So, die~die I renewed 5 years!

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