Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Screen | IP MAN 2

"Is winning more important or having dinner with your family more important?" quoted Ip Man

Finally got a chance to hit the cinema and the 1st movie I wanted was Ip Man 2! Yeap, over Iron Man 2. Sorry Robert... I'm supporting Donnie this time =) So, here we have the sequel of IP Man. What can I say except praise and applause! Most of us might think, sequels are not as good. I can say this is NOT! I still feel the energy ~ the passion ~ the love ~ ahhhhh.

This time Ip Man heads to HK spreading Wing Chun. But met Hung (Summo Hung) aka the Boss. So, when 1 master meets another master, you know what happens. And Summo still have it! Love the fighting scene =)

Must see ~ Must see ~

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