Saturday, May 29, 2010

Halo | Singapore

First thing first ~ let's talk about the good things. SHOPPING! And walking from 10am till 10pm. So need a massage... Anyway, did manage to get some stuff. I'm not earning SG, ok? So, even it's super cheap in SGD I can't really buy it.

Biggest damage ~ fisheye 2! No regret! Love it to the bits. I'll post up some pix later. After that, I think it would be the cosmetics. Cheaper by a few ringgits from Malaysia. Then, a cute bag. And 2 flats and a tank top. That's about it. Oh ya, and a few extra kgs from the morning till nite eating. Thanks for feeding us Alf and Gkoe!

Now ~ most of you might be wondering why on earth that I'm not bragging about the latest HOT place in SG ~ The Universal Studios. Sigh.... As it was a long weekend, the tix was sold our long ago. Note to self: REMEMBER TO RESERVE BEFORE GOING!

And yes, we're disappointed =( Well, let's make time for more shopping then! *woman are like that ~ easily cheered up by shopping*

So, till the next time ~~~ Universal Studios ~~~ wait for me =)
Thanks so much to Alf and Gkoe for letting us barge into your home and weekends. Spending time with the wacky us. Muaks!

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