Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halo | A bored Sunday afternoon

Yes. Indeed it is. I have nothing to do now. I'm surfing the Net, checking emails, updating FB and Twitter while he continues to sleep. It's a lazy Sunday without anything to do. The only thing that I'm looking forward is tonight's seafood dinner at Telok Gong with the x-Kelabu Sedunia gang. 'Kam Heong' Crabs! Just can't wait..... Not sure how's the tasts is but Nala suggested this place coz he said K. Selangor is too far. Haih. Anything ler. It's good to try out new place :)

So, we'll be meeting up later to carpool there. As for now, I'll just continue to surf the net and 'kepoh' on FB and Twitter =P

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