Monday, September 14, 2009

Halo | 6 1/2 Hours Concert Marathon

Looking at the title of this entry is already exhausting. What was supposed to be a 5 hours concert marathon became 6 1/2 hours! But it's worth every penny of the a** cramping 6 1/2 hours. Well, I got the tix free. THANKS TO MOOKIE! *muaks!*

Nice seats

Thanks to Galaxy and Tiger Beer, we have T-MUSIC FESTIVAL @ Bukit Jalil! *applause, please...* So, what did we had here? 20 singers lined up with 4 songs each. Singers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, HK and China.

The stage was not bad. Simple and the most important thing is it's near! Compared to Jacky Cheung's concert, it was way far back to the other end of the stadium. At least this time I can see about 2 inch sized singers. Hehehe.

The stage

I shall not go into details on all the singers. But to name a few ~~ Khalil Fong, Z-Chen, Lee Sheng Jie, Soler and Power Station (Dung Lie Huo Che) .The most anticipated one *by me* is Justin Lo! Woohoo! I'm not too sure whether it was because of the anticipation or he sang quickly or the song was short. His 4 songs was just like a flash. I wish he could sing longer. Sigh. Must go see his concert when he comes again :)

Justin *ahhhh*

Next in line, David Tao! Cool, right? And the very last diva, Joey Yung! I'm not a fan, but she's improved! No wonder people says that she'll take over Sammi Cheng.

David Tao

Joey Yung

The concert was a blast! Until that there was a fire broke out and caused 1/2 hour blackout on the stage. I was worried that the concert will be cancelled. But we were back in business in no time. During that blackout time, the singers came on stage one by one and sang using the hailer! OMG! The people at the rock zone are so lucky!

Anyway, I feel blessed with the free concert! Yeay!

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