Sunday, April 24, 2011

Halo | Shoot!

Our journey to SHOOT people begun in the early hours of the morning. Even earlier than going to work! Yeah, we are a crazy bunch of people ~ Him, Bubu, Ah Ney and me... With the growling stomach, we went straight to McD at Genting Sempah where we meet another wacko ~ Alf.

The venue: Bukit Tinggi

The model: Bubu

The pro photog armed with DSLR: Him & Alf

The not so pro photo armed with iPhone: Me & Ah Ney

This is not the first photoshoot for Bubu =_=" Since she wanted to be the object and the photogs needs some practical training. Voila! There we were!

I didn't waste time and snap a few with my trusty iPhone. Still loving it to the bits =) I liked this fierce cat that I bumped into. A very scary cat. You don't want to mess with her or her kitten

And what's a photoshoot without a bit of camwhoring? Well, the definition of "a bit" is different from everyone =)

Finally, a normal one =) (kinda...)

Well, it was a great fun hanging out together and laugh! Photos was great. A bit hungry all the way but we managed to grab good food =)

Here are 2 of my favourite shots =)

Got feel?

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