Monday, May 2, 2011

Screen | Fast Five

Dom and Brian are back TOGETHER. Well, not together, together. You know what I mean. So, now that they are at the same side, means that they both have the same enemies. Running away from the cops and trying to finish just one last job so that they can disappear.

I was halfway hoping that Fast Five would be the last one. But I could not resist to see Vin Diesel again and again and again. Just love his voice so much =)

This time it was in RIO (yes, Rio where the blue bird went...) After breaking Dom out from going to prison, they met up to pull out a gig over the kingpin of Rio. All the old guys from previous FF was called in and they busted a vault straight out from the police station! You must not miss the car chase with the vault. Awesome! Oh ya, and the fighting scene with The Rock! Not to be missed!

When you are about to think, yea.. this is the last one. Then BANG! some twist was added in. So, don't leave your seats after the movie yet. You think you might saw a ghost...

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