Friday, May 6, 2011

Halo | Updated Trips

I'm supposed to be in Shanghai with Dad and Mom to visit my bro and family. But the trip has to be postponed. Dad's back is acting up. So, I had the flights postponed up till the latest ~ this November. Keeping my fingers crossed =)

But Melbourne is definately happening! Yeay! Won't missed my delayed honeymoon =) But what's the fun if there is just 2 of us going? We'll be ganging up with the newly-weds Mindy and Eric. With them, I think the itinery would be eat ~ eat ~ eat. LOL!

And just a sudden trip emerged. To the land of the Merlion! That would be very near =) Hopefully I can catch up with my bro and family there. I really missed Nicholas and Jesseca... They looked so grown up in photos. Uhh!! And maybe a trip to Universal Studios? Hehehehe!

Well, here's to something to look forward to. A litle boost to the low morale?

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