Thursday, May 19, 2011

Halo | Let's get LOUD!

YES! Let's get LOUD on 30th July 2011 @ Bukit Jalil. I hope it is really LOUD as it claims to be... LOUD FESTIVAL has 4 artistes coming together to kick up 1 great concert. Normally, I don't really fancy going to 'rojak' concert. But this is is an exception! Why? Because of HIM!

YES! Jay Chou will be one of the artist! OMG! OMG! Can see him again this year! I'm definitely going to this one. Maybe not the expensive tickets. I can settle with the RM328 ^^ Well, besides him, there is Soda Green ~ popular Taiwan folk-pop-rock band. I liked them too! Then there's Landy Wen ~ well known Taiwan singer and Cindy Yen ~ a newbie. You might recognize her with Jay on a song called 'Hua Sa' ~ Sand Painting ^^

I think there's lot's to see, especially from JAY =) Here are the seating, if you are interested. I'll be getting the orangy part. I think that would be good enough ^^

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