Saturday, April 2, 2011

Halo | Public Hospital ~ chiu!!!

I got a scare of my life a few days ago and it's not an April Fool joke! Mummy got admitted to GH due to low blood sugar. She was at home, about to sleep and luckily Daddy was alert and saw something was amiss when she was sleeping. And he couldn't wake her up!

I rushed back and saw her and my legs just went wobbly. I really feared for the worst! Called in the ambulance. I really salute the ambulance, they came within 10-15 minutes. And they speeded back to GH. Well, I couldn't ask them to be sent to other hospital. Now, now ~ don't get me wrong. I have nothing against pubic hospital. The ER was good. With the waitings and waitings and waitings. I beared it all.

All was good until the day Mummy was supposed to be released from the hospital. The whole ward's nurses and doctors went to staff meeting for 3 hours! There are substitute and they don't know anything! Aggghhh! Imagine the agony of waiting! Mummy was getting agitated and I'm getting pissed!

So, what's I have to say is: Please get insured so that you don't need to go through public hospitals!

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Jennifer! said...

I agree with that...although honestly I wish there was a public hospital here in the States...we have to go to private hospitals when we have no insurance and we end up getting billed atrocious amounts and wind up in debt. I owe thousands to private hospitals because I lost my insurance when I lost my job. You just have to be grateful that that public hospital is even there! I hope your mummy is okay though. My prayers are with you.