Sunday, March 6, 2011

Halo | I want more Jay!

Yes! I want more JAY CHOU! It was amazing! It was truly amazing. I didn't manage to get the best seats. But I think no matter where you seat, you'll be blown away anyway =)
Yes. This is me waiting from 6pm. Tick ~ Tock ~ Tick ~ Tock ~

You won't see picture or video here coz I put all my focus on the show. All out for JAY! So, I have no time to snap any! And I know that loads of people would upload on FB! LOL!

Hey! I got my iPhone new 'clothes'. Must be Jay also! Hehehe! One black and one white. And yes, my iPhone has all Jay's album =)

And here is what is left after the concert. So, let the countdown begin again for the next one to come. Maybe by that time, I'll go with my kid? =p

Look who I bumped into? Yun Ru! Long time no see =) Now I know she's a fan too! Next time I can go with her =)

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