Monday, October 26, 2009

Food | Kuala Selangor Seafood with Kelip-Kelip

Agenda ~ Seafood @ Kuala Selangor & Firefly!

Our team went for a Celebrate Success trip to Kuala Selangor. What else is there to eat here other than SEAFOOD! Not wanting to eat at the top 2, commercialized restaurant up front, we ventured deeper into the village and found Restaurant Makanan Laut Bagan.


Siu Fong with her stylo-mylo pose taking the 2 popular restaurants

To be frank, the food was OK OK only. But the price is cheap. For 8 people, we *my boss* paid RM165. Not bad, eh? Just look at the amount of dishes we ordered! But the Kam Heong Crab doesn't tasted like Kam Heong. According to the waiter, it's their style woh.

Anyway, the view was great. Luckily the weather was good ~ no rain even it's the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. We just chilled, chatted, joked beside the river.

But before dinner, we did some shopping on fresh sea products. From keropok to fishballs. From salted fish to fresh fish. You name it, they got it!

Up next ~ Firefly! This is my second time. The first time was not very fruitful as I only managed to see some. But at this Kampong Kuantan ~ I was really amazed! It was like looking at a Christmas tree! The view was like one in a million. Too bad that it can't be captured by camera. The experience was priceless. The boatman will take you right beside the tree and you can see those firefly up close. One even flew right in front of me. Wow!!!

The price is RM40 per boat for 4 people. And mind you, it's the original sampan! I loved the experience! Won't mind to go again. Who's up to it? *Just remember to bring mosquito repellent, or you can bring me =)*

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