Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Screen | Surrogates

sur·ro·gate ~~ One that takes the place of another; a substitute

Imagine that you can have a surrogate to do all your days work... Where your human-self will be lying at home hooked to the system. Surrogates should be able to paint you the picture. Sounds familiar? Just like Gamer? Not entirely. Gamer uses human to be operated by human. Whereas here, they used robots. Cool eh?

Bruce Willis is a FBI with a young surrogates body to do his job. Since surrogates has been implemented, crime rates has fallen 99% ~ saying that no crimes happening *Don't we wish this was really true* Everyone was happy. But someone out there was killing the surrogates and their operator. Why? When there's this kind of technology that will take over humans, some humans are reluctant to change. They want to live their own lives. Thus, you can do the calculations =)

My ratings ... Good watch. I like Bruce Willis, way cool! I liked the human not the surrogate. I wonder why movies nowadays are about new tech ~ with people trying to play Sims in real life. Is that where we're heading to? Confined to computers and slob over the couch? No more real interactions? Terrifying!


Jay said...

I have watched the movie too, bruce willis was really cool in it. Most movie nowadays deal with technologies, still they're good to watch for there's great actions integrated.

Li Yen Lim said...

eh.. i wanted to watch this yesterday.. but tickets were like 2nd row from the front! haha.. :P