Monday, October 19, 2009

Food | Coffee Ritual for Coffee Addicts

Siu Fong intro this place to me, actually. And seeing the photos of the canggih coffee maker, we decided to pay Coffee Ritual a visit. Situated @ Section 14, the row of shops opposite Digital Mall.

So, as I was saying about the canggih coffee maker. It looks shiny. Hahaha. That's the first word came into mind. But please be informed that this shop only have 1 of this coffee maker. And one order can serve to 3 cups only. But the taste was great. There's a few choices of what type of coffee you want.

Besides coffee, there's a selection of food here. I strongly recommend the crepe. I had the chicken ham crepe which taste good. Mel Mel took the chicken ham with sauteed mushroom. That's better ~ according to her. Then, there's other western food such as spaghetti (which I don't recommend) and chicken chops. There's local food as well.

So, here's how's the place looks like. It's the last shop of the row. And in case you get a little lost along the way. Here's a map to guide you =) *hic*hic* **coffee drunk**


Japanese Doll said...

Hey girl, so how was the coffee itself? Did they have some super exotic coffee beans or is it just the machine that's the crowd puller? =)

~niCoLe~ said...

the coffee was kinda ok. it's worth a try!