Monday, October 26, 2009

Halo | Nine Emperor Gods Festival

There's a rainy spell nowadays. It's not a witch casting spells or doing voodoo. It's just the ninth month of the Lunar calendar. Marking the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. I'm not sure why rain is associated with this festival. It was celebrated by Hokkiens. The finale of the celebration will was on the ninth of the ninth month of the Lunar calendar.

Anyway, I haven't been at this festival before. Weng took me and Bubu to a temple in Ampang which was packed with people. It was an eye opener, seeing the celebration being done. You won't really get to see this in other countries, maybe in China and Taiwan might have.

Worshipers putting their joss-sticks

The temple main entrance

Just look at the crowd!

And I came, I saw, I conquer. . . erm... and went home =)

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