Monday, October 5, 2009

Halo | Scare of my life ~ Joy of my life

Story time! Hehehe... Some might have already know... Some might not. So, I'll try my best to be a good story teller.

Ahem.. *cough~cough* Once upon a time, there was . . . . *a bit over, rite?* OK. Here goes...

It was Friday! Finally, Friday... It's the eve of Mooncake Festival and there's a feast at Lisa's place, my colleague. There's chicken wings, mee suah, roast duck, booze, Konyoku jelly (from GnetGnet). I was looking forward for it as there was no other plans.

Then suddenly Weng called saying let's have dinner with Ah Ney, Bubu and of coz Gnet Gnet too. And since I've not seen him the whole week and the Mooncake feast will be starting late, I agreed. The plan is to have dinner with them and head for the Mooncake feast later.

While we're happily chomping away our salad and steak at TGI Friday's, he called saying he'll be running late coz one of our good friend, Fong's car broke down and he needs to rescue her. OK loh... Wanting to see him, I ate slowly and then we ordered dessert ~ Mud Pie *I will forever remember this Mud Pie. Hehehe*

Suddenly my phone rang, Fong calling. Hmm.. I answered and she was panting, breathless and near to tears. Asking me to stay calm. OK! That shot up to my spine. I still shiver thinking about it now. She said Weng was involved in an accident. I was still OK, actually coz he has a record of getting his car banged. She added on that he's unconscious! That was went everything went totally blank. Luckily my dear heart didn't fail me.

The rush begins! She tells me that I need to rush there, she keep saying that he won't wake up. I was surprised that I didn't start crying there and then. Thinking nothing but just to get there, Gnet Gnet told me not to drive there and have Ah Ney to drive there. OK!

Now I know that from The Curve to TAR College is damn FAR!!! But with Ah Ney's super fast driving, I think we reach there within 15-20 minutes? I didn't know and I didn't care at that point of time.

To cut the story short, we reached there, saw his car with double signal next to the bus stop with a group of people surrounding someone. I think I didn't wait till the car stops. I dashed down. Heard him calls my name! My hearts just stopped!

I remember tearing the group of people apart and then I saw him kneeling there. And our song ~ When You Say Nothing At All ~sang behind him. And I of course can't stop sobbing. Scared ~ Joy ~ Happy ~ Duped! Hahahaha. He asked me to be his wife... And I said YES!

The Ring

The Flower

The cast

I'm truly thrilled! I'm truly happy! Thank you all! Love you people! And the Oscar goes to.... *drum rolls* Gnet Gnet, Ah Ney, Bubu & Fong Fong! *applause*

To Weng =) I'm happy to spend the rest of my life with you

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