Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Halo | Who I.M?

Got this cool new magazine ~ I.M. The front page itself has already captured me.... So CUTE ~~ Fufu is the name. Yeap... I quote "It's a Dog's Life"

So, this is a new mag on the blog. Full of content that's contributed by everyday people. Shouting out their lungs out ~ hence tag line REPRESENTING MALAYSIAN INDIVIDUALITY.

Say what?! Oh... Everyday people are people like you and me. You have something so say, something to share, something to whine (maybe?). Drop it off at

This issue is FOC. I'm not sure what's the price to it but I plan to get the next issue anyway =)

There's food talk, travel talk and whole lot's of other stuff. I found out there's this cool place in Sandakan called NAK HOTEL and BALIN ROOF GARDEN. Surely will stay there if I have a chance to visit Sandakan. Check it out! &


Gnet2Bu2 said...

eh...this fufu is Mark Ngui punya kan. he put up the contents?

~niCoLe~ said...

Shhh. . . . . can't tell, can't tell. . . hehehe...