Monday, May 18, 2009

Screen | Di Antara Mailakat & Iblis

Don't laugh! That was the direct translation to it. It was smack in the middle of the cinema screen. Annoying~~

So, Robert Langdon has come to save the day once more in Angels & Demons. A sequel to Da Vinci Code (3 years ago). But no worries, you don't need to watch Da Vinci Code first before watching Angels & Demons.

I've read this book around . . . 3-4 years back. And I can't really remember in details of how the story goes. Him, on the other hand ~ just bought the book and didn't managed to finish it before the screening. What comment he made? "The first few chapters was not in the movie" ~~~ Well, of coz they can't take the whole book to make a movie out of it. The movie might takes 3-4 hours! Hahaha!

Tom Hanks resumes to become Robert Langdon. A cool symbologist professor helping to solve the clues to a conspiracy. The Vatican City is in the verge of destruction, threaten by the Illuminati.

Well, for those that have read the book... you'll know how it ends. For those who haven't try to understand the movie ya! =)

It's a good watch... Better than Da Vinci Code, I must say.


PakciQue said...

Yup! I can say it better than Da Vinci Code.

Tapi, sikit slow pada awal cerita. Mula-mula mcm mengantuk juga.


~niCoLe~ said...