Monday, May 4, 2009

Halo | Nilai = Value

Yeap. That's the direct translation. But the Nilai that I had in mind is Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Indeed it was real value of money I got from here.

It's not the food
It's not any theme park
It's not any resort

It was the curtains that lured me here. Lin said its cheap and there's lotsa choices. Well, I did have a headache looking from shop to shop. And the hot weather didn't help! *Please GOD, send us some rain here*

Anyway, there's Nilai 3 and Nilai Square. These two places are filled with rows of curtain shops, carpets, furniture, household items. All you need to furnish your home =)

Finally I made my decision on these 2 designs for my sliding glass door. I love the lotus flower! It's velvety, white and black. Simple. What do you think?

Since we came all the way here, it's better to get another set of curtain. Settled with this flowery design which is a bit darker.

I always thought that I would choose the retro or abstract designs. But... I just fell for these two, especially the lotus flower =)

Both sets are sewn within an hour! Can you believe it? So, there's no need to make a second trip back here. You can also choose to buy the cloth only. Talk, talk, talk and I didn't mention on the value. Hehe... Can you guess? All these ~~~ around RM600. I'm not sure whether you can get a cheaper ones but for me, after asking around, this is a considered value! A friend got 1 set at RM600 in KL!!! o_O

Value? YES!

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