Saturday, May 2, 2009

Screen + Food | Wolverine with Otak-Otak?

Yummy place, great movie ~~~ Such a nice feeling . . .

So, let's start of with FOOD, shall we? =) Thought of hitting the movies as it's been quite a while after Fast & Furious. But before that, need to fill in the growling tummy. One U... hmmmm... I'm running out of ideas of where to eat now.

You know the new section that's opened? Around the Cold Storage supermarket area. There's a few new place :) So, we entered this place called Otak-Otak Place. From outside, it does looks like an ordinary Malay eating place that cost a lot. But NO! The price is is OK! And the place makes you feeling like you're in primary school again. I don't know how to describe it, better you go on and try it!

See what I mean?

What's eating at Otak-Otak Place without trying their otak-otak? It was on promotion (RM0.60 per stick) Taste not bad, actually. Very fresh.

I had the Sup Kambing which I felt that they can do better. It goes well with bread toast! But one thing is the lamb is very tender, not like ones that mamak stalls have.

Most of the dishes here use otak-otak as main dish. They even have otak-otak burger! But we didn't try that. He ordered an Otak-Otak Egg Kerabu. The Kerabu was so-so. But the otak-otak is very nice.

Note: Must try the nasi lemak. It comes in a quite unique way =)

Keeping it light and having some space for pop-corn, we headed to TGV. *Please do not go to TGV for movie, even if GSC is full. You'll regret it* Normally, i mean always, we always go to GSC if we're in One Utama. But all Xmen shows are full. And wanting to watch it so badly, TGV lah. Wrong move! The seats place are narrow, imagine tall people trying sit... Not only that, the seat does not have head rest. So, for the whole movie I was sitting straight as if I'm listening at school. It was very uncomfortable. I have a stiff neck after the movie. Sigh. NO MORE TGV! And the pop-corn sucks! I miss you, GSC...

Let's not ruin the movie... Xmen Origins: Wolverine ~ It's a must see! Hugh is so cool! I mean Wolverine =) The story was real nice, talking about his life before Xmen. It started off sad but initially went on to a good life. That made me thinking. Isn't Wolverine's story supposed to be sad? Well, it did... *sob, sob* Now we know why he's like that. And he has a brother that we can guess. . . is one of the bad guy, Sabretooth.

Since Hollywood is running out of ideas, I wonder if they start doing this like a series. Xmen Origins: Storm, Xmen Origins: Cyclops, etc.

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