Friday, February 18, 2011

Halo | Big Bang

I think my luck went away right after CNY... Big Bang indeed that I got. Look at my little myvi. Looking back at this pix does sting my heart a bit. Sigh...

So, what's the story you asked? I've been repeating it over and over again. You must be thinking that I was at fault. Of course not! I was abiding the law, going straight, my traffic light is green. Approaching a T junction, seeing all sides are waiting patiently. Then out of a sudden one moron Iswara on the opposite road decided to cut queue and turn in to my left! First a motorbike ram to his front passenger door side then I ram to his back passenger door side.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt. Only the motorcyclist had some cuts and bruises. Thank god the motorbike wasn't really in front of my car. If not, I would have ram into the motorbike first before ramming to that moron Iswara.

I am OK. But my car has to be hospitalized for 2-3 weeks. So sad. My little car hurt badly...

Really hate those people that beats the red lights. Me and the motorcyclist made police report together, making sure that we're on the same page, saying is the Iswara fault. And of course claim his insurance! So, I'll be car-less for 2-3 weeks =(

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saltvinegar said...

hope ur car gets well soon.. luckily you had the motorcyclist to back ur story.. cos u ram from the back ler.. stupid iswara might just say its ur fault pulak. On a happier note.. Jay Chou!!