Sunday, February 6, 2011

Halo | Tired

Halo! Halo! This is going to be a long post. =p

CNY Eve. First time not having dinner with my family. Feels a bit weird... Plus I need to work half day. After work and not going back to my parents place seems to be off. But going to my in-laws does give a new feeling =) First time that I did praying at the dawn of CNY. In-laws place was filled with fireworks and firecrackers!

First year of CNY with him =) I was a bit anxious. With the angpau givings, relatives to visits and fending off the big questions *haha* But still I missed Mummy & Daddy on the first day of CNY. Missed Mummy's vegetarian fried meehoon and 'longan lin chi pak hup tong shui'

So, first stop is to Ampang Old Folks Home. We donated stuff and giving out angpaus. This is what they do every year. Seeing the grandmas and grandpas all alone without children and grandchildren does sting a bit during the first day of CNY. I don't know how they, the children does it. For whatever reasons, we cannot leave our parents at old folks home. It's very sad. But I really hope that our visit made their day =)

Then, visiting temples and relatives. And of course every kid in the family was for our maiden double angpaus! And this went on to our friends too! =_=

We made a short trip to Sg Besar to visit a friend. And I just love snapping photos around! Love the laid back feeling =) And luck was on our side indeed! We managed to catch lion dance! 'tung chiang, tung chiang!'

And what's CNY without food? He suddenly have this fascination about roasted pork! So, there was a few meals that I had with his homemade 'siew yuk'! I admit that it does taste good ^^

Last but not least! Mahjong! Woohoo! Oh ya ~ and other gambling too! HUAT AHHH!



saltvinegar said...

omg yeah it feels really weird. Weirder for me cos i'm celebrating in a diff state. When were u allowed to go home?

Apparently girls are only allowed to go home on the 2nd day of New Year! By then all the family gatherings are over!!

~niCoLe~ said...

Yeap. 2nd day of CNY will go back to parents place. But luckily I'm local so as him =) Not too far...