Sunday, March 15, 2009

Screen | Where's all the good ones?

Don't you think that there's not much to see at the cinema nowadays? First there was the Dragonball Evolution *I personally thing that it didn't evolve* I don't intend to watch it. Heard from friends that it was a flop. Something similar to Forbidden Kingdom. So, you won't see me "kame hame ha"ing


When there is Dragon Ball, Street Fighter follows. Is this a competition? Or people are just running out of ideas? No matter what's the answer will be. . . Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li was released. I feel pity for Kristen Kruek *she's the cute one ~ Lana in Smallville* Having to finally come on the silver screen, but with this movie. And nope, I don't intend to watch this too.

~don't think so~

And finally settling in with Watchmen. Caution! It's 3 hours long! The story was not bad, actually BUT it was way too long. Too much details.

It was about ordinary people dressing up as superheroes to protect the city. They are called Watchmen. When the old team retires, a new team was formed. Like showbiz! It sounds kinda lame. But the end story was rather about people and wars. Sacrifice is needed to save the entire world from a nuclear war. It's that simple. I don't understand why it's 3 hours long!

I won't be recommending this to those superheroes movie fanatics. It's nothing much on the superheroes, actually.


Here's something to anticipate! Nicholas Cage *ahhhh*... The title seems to be a bit boring. But I can assure you that it's good. Going by the name "Knowing" simply means that knowing the future. I saw the movie preview and kinda get what's the movie talking about.


Can you resist Dominic? Or Brian? Or the cool wheels? No matter what it is, you wouldn't want to miss Fast & Furious *4th sequel* Coming to the screen on April 4th! Wohoo!!! I love the husky voice of Vin Diesel. Love the wheels. Do I need to say more??? :p

~must see~

Everyone's anticipation of the Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. Watching the trailer and that transforming sound still makes me tingling all over. ~Patience~Patience~ Need to wait till 26th June to see Optimus Prime and the gang.

~not to miss~

These are the movies I'm really looking forward to. Now we're talking.

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