Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trippin | 7-11

Of course not! My small trippin is not to 7-11! But I do feel like a 7-11, eating non-stop from the start of the journey on Saturday and ends only on Sunday night!

Oh! I haven't told you where's the destination. Take a wild guess! It's 1 1/2 drive, has lot's of historical values. YES! It's Melaka (yet, again) It's actually a small gathering with my kelabu serata dunia colleagues. Gary came up all the way from Singapore just to eat all the way with us. I think he might gain a few cm?

This time around we stayed at Tang House. It's a guest house, very nice, very affordable. I paid RM55 for a twin sharing room. Rooms are very clean, air-conditioned and most of the stuff are from IKEA! *surprised leh?* [single room: RM35, triple room: RM70]

Tang House - next to the Jonker Street stage

Only mattresses, pillows and blankets are available. No bed frame but I don't mind. There's 4 common bathrooms/toilets outside the room, an open-air pantry at the back. Downstairs, a small cafe and 2 PC for your surfing purposes *CAUTION: do not do work here. I ended up dreaming of YAHOO!*

Not bad, rite?

Tang House
80-1 Jalan Tokong, Melaka
606 -283 3969

Let the food journey begin. . . I shall not go into every detail *every minute of the 24/7 eating spree* There's no missing the chicken ball rice.

That's Gary, by the way *waiting to dig in*

Here comes the cendol. It's a must have item too! Just can't have enough of the gula Melaka, right Rachel? =)

Waiting to be served

Let's take a breather. Take a deep breath in....... and let go! OK. Did you know that early morning, there's this small lane at Jonker Street - sells old stuff? From old records to old bowls. Old big cassettes to old currency. Nice place, with old folks selling antique stuff.

Where were we? Ahhh.... YES. Food! We had this seafood dinner at Muara Sg Duyung. It was nice. Remember the last trip I went to Melaka and only manage to snap the nasi lemak photo only? Well, here you go. The rest of the menu. Squid *must order, fried*, pari fish, crab *don't order crab here* and the erm. . . *long, long seafood thingy* What it's called? No idea.

Tada! Mission accomplished

OK. Here's the last stop for the food. Tried this cake once from Audrey and Tim. Tasted great. So I took the gang and gobbled down 5 slices of cakes. This layer cake comes in various flavour. We've tried Original, Choco Banana, Rum & Raisin and Strawberry. And number 5 is 1 ugly looking shortcake. I personally like the Original taste. Too bad I can't pack some back to KL. It's freshly made and can't last long. Sigh... Next time ler...

Oh. It's at Plaza Mahkota, near Mahkota Parade. But fret not. There's one branch in Dataran Pahwalan Megamall.

Here's the shop - Nadeje



*Do I need to say more? Hehehe*


Tang said...

Should have consult me for more hardcore food!! :)

~niCoLe~ said...

Wow! You have the site up! I've been looking for it! Next time I visit, I'll consult you :)