Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Halo | Life after Edward Cullen

Hmmmmm... I will miss Edward Cullen. Yeah, I will.

Finished Breaking Dawn a week ago. And I have yet to get a nice book to dig in. I liked the Twilight series, the storyline that is. Stephanie Mayer did a good teenager-styled vampire line-ups. Maybe I should try a more mature vampire book.

Anyway, that was history. No more Edward Cullen. No more Bella Cullen. No more Reneesme Cullen.

So, what's life after Edward Cullen??? And no book at the moment *Pst! I'm open to any suggestions. Any nice book to recommend?*


Yeap. I've been addicted to Loco Roco 2. Got this downloaded and I just can't stop!!! I loved Loco Roco 1 which I finished ages ago and I still have it in my PSP. Now! Loco Roco 2. OMG! It has twice the fun! I'm not sure about the others PSP'ians, but I LOVE those cuties! I can play, re-play and re-play and re-play and I can still play. OK. I'm on it now! BYE!

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