Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trippin | Ipoh - Alor Setar - Hadyai ~ Part 3

Last but not least. SHOPPING! Is a must for me. . . Things here are considereably cheap. You must bargain with them. Need to be tougher than them. Not like Bangkok. Here, they are more ganas. Cannot "e... e..., eh... eh..."

We took a "tuk-tuk" to the market, TBH150 (RM1.50++) per person. (It's actually TBH15 ~ Thanks!) Around 5 minutes ride. It's not a wet market, mind you. It's where all hell broke loose (at least for me). I went for shopping spree. Bought some bags there. So, in total ~ I got shoes, top, bags and food. Not bad, actually. Hehe. Oh yea! T-shirts and football jerseys are cheap there. Imitation lah. But looks good.
Shop, shop and shop

So, there! What a weekend! ~Bon Voyage, Hadyai!~

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Anonymous said...

Eh, ah moi~tuk tuk to market was TBH15 (RM1.50) lahhh...not TBH150 = RM15.