Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wassup | Petrol warzone

Behold! This is the last time you will see the petrol price at RM1.92

Yeap! Officially today, 5th June is when our petrol price hiked the most at RM0.78. Making it RM2.70 per litre! Now I can scrape my plan on having my own wheels.

Haih...I have no problem with taking the public transport but looking at what we have here... it's a nightmare! The monorail, komuter, LRT are packed as sardines, especially now, during the school holidays.

So, talking about yesterday's highlight on every news. Total traffic jam around the petrol stations. People are queueing up for the last chance to fill up their tanks with RM1.92 per litre. Yes, I'm one of them (actually my dad is one of them lah). It was the longest petrol trip for me. 1 solid hour - queue up, fill up, get out. Pity for those 2 Bangladeshi. I think they're pretty surprised with all these people.
Look at that! You can only see this in Malaysia. (Malaysia Boleh!)

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