Monday, June 9, 2008

Trippin | Ipoh - Alor Setar - Hadyai ~ Part 1

Itinerary for last weekend
Thurs.5th June.PM - Ipoh & Alor Setar
Fri.6th June.AM - Hadyai
Sat.7th June.PM - Alor Setar
Sun.8th June.AM - Ipoh & KL

Wow! What a weekend. Went for road trip with Weng, Rachel and Jay (not Jay Chou ler). Since Friday is a holiday, I tagged along with Rachel to Hadyai. First time being there and I whought that it would be something like Bangkok. But no, it wasn't. It's a scaled-down of Bangkok. Did a bit of shopping. But not much variety there. Maybe it was a bit too rush. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it there.

Why it's a road trip? Coz, we drove there and walked through the Mal-Thai border. Kinda weird for me. But the checks are thorough. While coming back to Malaysia, we got checked 3 times! Maybe we look like Thais? Asking "Dari mana?". Rachel answered "KL". He was a bit surprised as he was aspecting "Dari Malaysia" o_O


Stay tuned for more!

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