Monday, June 23, 2008

Silver Screen | Kung Fu Panda

"Everybody loves kung fu fighting"

I was a bit late in watching this. Heard from everyone that it was good. Well, it was good. And, since I'm having a bad week, having a laugh was good.

There is this valley where all animals live in harmony and keeping it save are these 5 cool kung fu master, The Legendary Furious Five ~ Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane under the leadership of their guru ~ Master Shifu. And there is PO, the panda aka noodle boy. He dreams about being a kung fu master rather than to succeed his father's noodle business. You might have guessed it right ~ PO is clumsy, fat and knows nothing about kung fu.

Accidently, PO was selected as the Dragon Warrior. While Tai Lung aka baddie, broke loose from jail and comes back to the valley for revenge. It is up to PO to stop him. But before that he needs to endure delicate trainings from Master Shifu.

Will he succeed? Will he fail? Will he just sit on Tai Lung? Have a laugh while you go get the answer.

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