Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trippin | Ipoh - Alor Setar - Hadyai ~ Part 2

Where was I? Oh yea! Walking through the border. After clearing the customs, head for a van ride to the Hadyai city. It was said to take 45 minutes. But don't know what happened, the driver was a bit slow. I think we took about an hour to reach our destination.

First, we went for lunch at Kan Eng. Great food! Just a little note, those who've been to Phuket, there is a Kan Eng 2 there. It's totally different. Kan Eng @ Hadyai is far more better.

Great food @ Kan Eng, Hadyai

Kan Eng 2 @ Phuket ~ not so good

After a hefty lunch, we look for our Hotel Central. By the way, it's not that central. Need to walk a bit to reach the shopping mall. Novotel and Lee Gardens Hotel are smacked in the middle of the shopping malls. Not too much at the malls. There are stalls around there. A mini size Chatuchak. Managed to buy myself a handbag at TBH150 (RM15++) Wohoo!

Hadyai Central Hotel

Streets @ Hadyai

Did I mentioned that it's a food heaven here? You can get foods all around the streets. Weng and Rachel adored the Mango Pulut. They ate, I think about 3-4 packs within 2 days! Talk about foodholics!

Mango Pulut ~ yummy!

Uh! Uh! You'll never believe that we actually ate a TBH129 (RM13++) buffet at level 33 of a hotel! Lee Gardens Hotel, to be exact. Cheap leh? But the variety wasn't as good as it was before, according to Jay. Well, what can I ask for more at RM13++. Got fried rice, fried chicken, roasted duck, tomyam soup, ice-creams, veggies, kuihs, etc.

Seeing is believing ~ truly

Next stop ~ SHOPPING!!!

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