Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cubicle | Split Identity

Meet our latest pet! Erm. . . I don't think that he has a name. Anyway, he belongs to Ah Bu. One day she cannot stand the cuteness so she brought him back. The question is ~ is he a horse? is he a donkey? No one seems to have the answer. Everyone here in the cubicle are crazy about him! Who cares that he's a donkey or a horse wannabe (he has a Ferrari logo on his chest) But, by today Ah Bu has taken him home (boo! hoo!). Why? All because of Ah Bong! He tried to do whole lot's of stunt on him.
Am I adorable? (aaaahhhhh)
He does look a bit puzzled, rite? Still thinking whether he's a donkey (eeeyooore!!!) or horse (nnyeehhh!!!)

Okay! Back to work!

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