Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wassup | June Babies

Well, enough of whining.

Other stuff does happens in June. And June must be really good month as I have tons of people are June babies.

June 18th ~ Celyn
June 20th ~ Ah Nie
June 21st ~ my bro, KW and Ah Bong


Well, not really tons lah. Hope all of your wishes and dreams comes true...

We got something for Ah Nie and Ah Bong for their BIG DAY. Didn't manage to snap Ah Bong's as it's still in the box, unopened. Haven't reach to his hands yet. Poor Ah Bong, he fell sick a few days before. GET WELL SOON, AH BONG!!!!!!!!! This I must show ~ very cute desu... Don't you think so?

See the resemblances?

Smelling good, Ah Bong?

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