Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hunting 4 Food | Duck King

I must have been really stingy nowadays (or really poor). There weren't any food blog here for quite some time. Fret not, here is a nice place for duck lovers simply called DUCK KING.

Situated at a new place, Jaya One - Section 13, PJ. It's an all new offices with loads of restaurants coming up. So, keep a look-out here. Okay. Let's talk about ducks! Actually you can get all those 'lap mei' such as roast pork ~ 'cha siew' and 'siew yuk', roast piglings ~ 'yue chue' plus other delicacies ~ shark fin soup, abalone, etc. For the price, you need to check it yourself.

We did ordered the 'cha siew', 'siew yuk' as well as 'chue cheong' and roast duck. Portion was quite small for the price. Nothing to brag about except the roast duck. It was crispy and tasty. No wonder this place is called Duck King and not Pork King.

Other than these fatty stuff, we ordered ~ my favourite fried kai lan. Loved the crispyness. Oh! and a tofu dish ~ salted fish with pork. OK OK lah.

To be frank, I won't be going here for the second time. Sorry lah. Those interested can give it a try!

Thanks ~ http://www.klue.com.my/articles/300-Duck-King

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irene said...

one of my college mate went there makan also. yer, i must drag my brother to drive me there to try. coz i love duck