Sunday, June 29, 2008

Silver Screen | Wanted

"What the fu** you've been doing?"

OK... OK... I'm not provoking you people. Hehehe... This was actually the last line from the latest Angelina Jolie movie. WANTED.
This is a must see movie. Firstly, I thought, well, Jolie was in the movie ~ so should be OK lah. But it turns out that WOAH!!!

Starred by a nerdy but buffed up guy, James McAvoy. He's kinda cool. Especially when he became an assassin. There's also the old-timer, Morgan Freeman. You'll start thinking ~ is he the good guy? Or bad guy? And there is Angelina Jolie... She's waaaaayyyyy cooooollll!!!!
Angelina Jolie ~ as cool as ever...

James McAvoy ~ yummy!

Wesley Benson is a pitiful accountant, has a cheating girlfriend that cheats with his good colleague, lives in a crappy house. Little that he knows, he is actually an assassin's son. He'll be recruited and trained to be an assassin by Fox and the others Fraternity brothers. Fraternity is an ancient organization that assassinates people.

The storyline is a bit twisted in a good way. I shall not reveal the whole story. Leave it to you guys to find out. I can tell you that you won't regret it.

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