Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cubicle | 934 days ~ 2 yrs, 6 mths, 21 days

Been missing for a nearly a week... Not that I don't want to blog anymore. My heart went stale when I got some news on Thursday. The happy news that I was longing to hear and get was not happy anymore. It was been delayed, as "explained". Put any nice words into it, more promises into it, but still it has been delayed.

934 days. That's how long. Of course minus-ing Sat and Sun, holidays and leaves. All I got was just barely enough for me to pay my loans. Yes! I'm truly sad and angry at the same time. But as Ah Bu said ~ "yan si, yan liu, tu yiu yan mai ha guo yuet" (i cant't translate as it is, but the meaning is whatever is it, must suck it up and wait till next month)

So, let's start the countdown to next month ~ 33 days

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