Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wassup | I see scary people

Doesn't this make your spine chill? *muahahaha* No worries, it's just props. Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia ~ a Silent Halloween party came to live @ BBC. Marked as the first silent party in Malaysia. What you said? Silent party? How to be silent when there's a party? Please google it up, ya? This shall not become a history class to you all.

There was fun and prizes along the way. Of coz the grand prize is a phone. That's when Nokia came into the picture. No, I didn't win any. If I did, I would brag about it at the beginning of this entry.

Bloggers everywhere! Dressed in scary *kinda* outfit. Some really did a great job ~ a guy dressed as a gal. Now, that's scary. I think he/she won the best dressed female! I tried my best to snap some of the pix. *I'm a shy girl, ok?*

Here you go ~ 2 mummies, 1 Kurt Cobain, 1 dead Barbie, 1 phantom, 1 MJ
(pst! Kenny Sia =MJ!)

What's a party without bands? Coming from Nokia's IAC (Independent Artists Club), 40 Winks rocked the party with their tunes! There was 3 more bands (which I couldn't remember the names ~ proves what ya?) Uh! Uh! There's this hip-hop duo ~ dunno what's the name (sigh... getting old nowadays) These two bands are the best! Long live local music!
(edited: The hip-hop dua is called THOSE 2)

In total ~~~ Party was great! Kudos to Nuffnang. Thanks Nokia.


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