Monday, November 17, 2008

Wassup | The Oath

Howdy, people! It's been a while y'all. Works been busy. Weekends been busy. Driving . . . erm . . . still progressing. *even the Perodua service center has made a friendly call about my 1st car service* I'm trying my best to hit 1000, ok?

Last week Saturday, another night of clubbing a.k.a "kasi minum sampai mati". This time with my colleagues. So, the phrase "kasi minum sampai mati" cannot be used here. It was a bachelor's night party for DK. I'm bound to a deadly oath that I can't break. Or else . . . *muahahaha (evil laugh)* It was my first time going out with 15 people! One word ~ CRAZY! And fun. And talking about fun . . . I didn't get a chance to play Wii *sob~sob* Too bad ler. . . *I'm still on the other side of the window looking in*

p/s: I can post non-human pixs, rite?

* * * * *

Anyway, the gang went to Luna Bar and all eat "pak kor" (translation: didn't caught any fish) and stories that Ah Weng got fished by the same gender? OMG!!! *Now I really need to be afraid* Heard that the place is nice with great views of KL. Surely will be visiting there soon. Can't finish a bottle without me, eh?

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