Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Silver Screen | Madagascar 2 : Escape Africa

"I like to move it move it

She like to move it move it

He like to move it move it

We like to ~ MOVE IT!!!"

Venue: GSC Mid Valley
Time: 9.30pm
Occasion: PREMIERE screening ~ Madagascar 2 : Escape Africa

Wo-hoo! I got to see this way earlier! It was to be up on screen on 13th Nov. Tickled all my funny bones. Good remedy for stress, for sure.

Same gang ~ still trying to get back to New York but stumbled to Africa where they finally felt like home. Alex, King of New York came back to his birthplace and reunited with his parents. His dad thought he was a real king, thinking to name him as his successor but Daddy didn't see what's coming for him *lol*

A good watch. Go LAUGH! Be HAPPY! *i needed it*


Side-track a bit. I just couldn't resist snapping this at one of the stores in MV. I was there earlier with a few colleagues. Of coz, went shopping *window, only* I can control myself, i can control myself *hypnotizing myself*

I didn't know there was this section ~ petites, sizes 4-14 for 5'3" and UNDER? I think I found a place for you, Audrey...

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