Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wassup | Benefit'cial' & Dior'ed'

Salary not in yet. But see what I got! VALUE BUYS! *I'm a smart shopper (not)* You see, I'm working in a building that has these cosmetics distributor offices. And what would you know? It has SALE! Year end, I think. Hence, clearing up old stocks? I don't mind. It makes a cool Christmas gift (for myself, hehe)

First! There was BENEFIT! Those STAR buys are not for sales. But I did manage to get 3 eyeshadows with RM80! Cheap leh? Colours selections are not bad too. But have to go early, coz the next day I went ~ not much to choose *why am I going for the 2nd time? still got heart to buy more lah*

For those Benefit lovers, you all should know what's the normal price. Uh! And the packaging is to die for!
bunny hop, get figgy, stiletto
*check out the names*

Then, there was DIOR! Not my type of stuff. But hey! It's on sale. And I got myself a travelling sized cosmetic set. RM100 for 1; RM180 for 2. Being a smart "shopper", I shared it with my colleague ~ RuRu.

I have a feeling that I will keep this for a while before I have the heart to use it. It looks so nice... don't you think? And thanks for "buying" for me, Weng! *muaks!*


And girls, Dior is still on for tomorrow. Head to Menara Milinium, ya! But Benefit has ended it's 2 days sales. Next time, maybe?

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