Monday, November 3, 2008

Wassup | On Sunday Morning

Yeap! That's what I was doing this morning. Dengan semangat berkobar-kobar, I woke up at 8am on SUNDAY MORNING!!! It took me 2 hours to wash my car. It's actually very clean, you might say coz I wasn't really driving it a lot. Still in my practising period.

Today is also The Terry Fox Run @ Lake Garden. Weng decided to join this charity run. Good cause! According to him, it was a 5km run. I'm not too sure about it. But it doesn't matter. It's for charity. Do some good, people!
Finally got a chance to sit down and grab a bit with Weng at Jaya One, where he had a 2 hours hair cut. I kinda dozed off at the sofa. Malunye! Hanazen was cloased for lunch at 3pm ~ no Japs today -_- Really wanted to try it coz Weng kept eating there! Argh! I want Japs! Anyway, no use pounding on people's restaurant when there's this huge CLOSE sign smacked on their glass door. Next time loh...

So, we settled in SunWong ~ a Hongkie style restaurant. It was not bad, actually. You should try this drink ~ Fresh Vege Apple Juice. Very appetizing! And look at the presentation!

Fresh Vege Apple Juice

And you have to try the noodle in SHARK FIN BONES SOUP! It has many varieties but I've chosen the Japanese Style Pork Rib Rice Noodle *hey! does this consider Japs food? ~nah~* I liked it. Wanna try? Head to Jaya One. The restaurant is facing UTAR @ LG floor.

Japs Style Pork Rib Noodle


This is recommended *by me* EAGLE EYE. Luckily that we managed to catch it before it was taken off the screens. Obviously you all remembered Shia LaBeouf from the hit Transformer. Well, he's grown up and grown a bread. And there's Michelle Monaghan from Made of Honor. It's quite intense, the movie. I didn't even realized that it was 2 hours long!

Jerry Shaw and Rachel are 2 strangers are thrown together by a mysterious phone call. Threatening their lives and family, they need to obey this phone calls that seems to know what they were doing all the time. Like a eagle *thus the name Eagle Eye, you might have known that already* Staying alive and investigating on what happened to Jerry's twin brother before he died was the main core of the movie. Then. . . . . (too much info ~ no good, someone/thing might be watching) Pst! It's all have to do with computers. SO, BEWARE!!!


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