Sunday, November 30, 2008

Silver Screen | Bolt

Where have all those Wednesday movie nights gone? I used to go for Wednesday show with Weng *coz cheaper mah* Since both so busy, weekends are the only time to hit the cinema. Sigh. . .

Latest catch-up ~ BOLT. I'm a sucker for animation *it's not called cartoon, ok? someone told me that*

Meet BOLT! The super-hero dog. With super heat laser vision, super strength, super speed *aiyah! like superman la* But I tell you a secret, things are not what it seems to be. It's actually a make-believe story for BOLT.

He's actually an actor for a superdog series. Starring with his 'human' called Jenny. He'll do anything to keep Jenny safe which is really hilarious when he accidentally got out from the studio. Ended up with Mitten, a cat and Rhino a weird hamster in a plastic sphere. It's difficult to convince a superdog that he's just a normal dog.

But nothing beats Madagascar 2. But this will make you go 'ahhhhh, that's cute'

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