Monday, December 22, 2008

Wassup | Comic Fest

There was this Comic Fest going on at Sunway Pyramid for 3 days. I went there on the 22nd December. It was because Weng's colleague was selling her comic there. Entrance was a hefty RM15 per person. Worth it? For comic/anime lovers ~ YES.

Here you'll find those art students trying their luck to sell stuff that was originally created by them. Comparing them to the Japs ~ like the sky and the land. But some of them did great. And imagine young kids, young teenagers are sketching by free hand! It was amazing.

The One Academy was sponsoring this event. Thus, an exhibition of arts was there to ignite the school leavers to embark on the journey towards arts. I think that when it comes to arts or anime, The One does comes in mind. See some of their work here!

Not bad, eh?

Besides comic, figurines was on sale. Originals from Japan *I think* Looking at the quality of these, don't you want one for yourself too?

Do you want me?

Cute ones are nice too, you know?

Nope, I didn't any. I dare not ask for the price. Not a super, super, super anime fans. So, ok lah!

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