Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silver Screen | d' Day d' Earth Stood Still

Note 1: Keanu Reeves is the HOTEST looking alien in the universe
Note 2: The movie was OK-OK only
Note 3: Love our planet, EARTH

I can tell you that; if it's not because of Keanu, I won't be watching this in the cinema. OK! OK! It wasn't that bad. There's moral education in this movie. Take care of EARTH before it turns into dust.

The aliens are coming to help Earth, by the means SAVING THE EARTH FROM HUMANS. Thus, humans must die to have the earth to be alive so that earth can start over again. To the aliens, we are a self-destructive species *which was quite true* and we're aren't changing the way we live here. You can do the calculation. . .

Not a bad watch.

Keanu Reeves & Jennifer Connelly

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