Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Silver Screen | Men

There's IP MAN ~ There's YES MAN ~ There's CICAK MAN! o_O

No! I did not watch Cicak Man *please, lar*

YES! I watched YES MAN. It was nothing to brag about this movie. But there's funny man, Jim Carrey in it. Gosh! He aged! Nevertheless, he still has his charms. . .

Carl is a loser, at first. Wife of 6 months left him, been at the same job ~ same position for 5 years. Being more and more anti-social. Renting DVDs every night. Get the picture? Then suddenly BANG! He went to a YES! seminar and he thought he was bound to a covenant of saying YES to everything. If not, bad things will happen. *If life was that easy, rite?*

It was a great change for him. But things don't always goes with YES. You need to say NO sometimes. If you only say YES to always please someone else but yourself, what's the point? Say YES only when you mean it.

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